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giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

2010 : what a year!

                                                                    BYE BYE 2010!

Another year has passed, a lot of thing has happened, some were good and some sad, but this is how life goes, we just has to learn to appreciate what we have and valute it more! 
Bad moments don't last forever and they just make us stronger and make us appreciate more all the good things we have because sometimes we just focus on bad things that are happening and not all the good we have.

How has been your 2010? has it been  nice or not with you?

In this year i have grown up a lot, i 've made a lot of new friends, i've understood  a few things of life ( i think i had ,i hope, better, i whish  i had ) ,i've learnt to be stornger and i've found a lot of new hobbies.
Like as a lot of people i have had my ups and downs. Who doesn't have that?But i've taken all my engergies to get up again and be stronger than before. 

10 things that have made this year for me? 

1.This year i've turned 18, one of the most important age, in my opinion. When you turn 18 you just start to feel different. You can do a lot of thing sthat you couldn't do before like as taking the driving license, voting, singning for documents,being responsable of your self ,but most of all knowing that everything has conseguences, if you do something wrong you can go to prison ,or you can get arrested and you will not be tretead nicely just because you are under age .
You finally became an adult and you are treatead as it! 

Life changes! That's all. 

2.I've discovered the wonderful world of blogs! A blog is a wonderland where you can sy everything you want , and express all yourself! I think that they are the best invention ever made. 

3. I 've discovered fashion bloggers! (i know they have always been ther  but i've been reading them only since this year) 
I've always been fascinated by fashion and all that world , but i didn't know very much about it. I knew only a very few brands like as : Zara, H&M, Chanel... 
but now i 've discovered a lot of "new" ones. I've felt in love with Tiffany's jewerly, Balenciaga's bags, I know who is Chiara Ferragni , how much does a Chanel bag cost ( too much)  and  my conception of fashion and being well dressed has completly changed! 
I know that it doesn't matter how rich you are because you can always be chic even for cheap! 

4.Make up has become an obsession for me! (maybe this doesn't seem so funny as it seems to me, but it doesn't matter) .
I've discovered a lot of new interesting and helpful makeup gurus and some tips that i am starting to use everyday.
Make up isn't putting a mask that hides the real you, but it's a way to show our inner beauty either outside.

5.I've discovered an awesome cheap but so worthwile site for online  make uo stuff shopping as :
 e.l.f. , a site for very cheap but so good quality make up : it has awesome eyeshodow palletes (like as the 100 one that it's only 10$ ) and awesome brushes (whose prices start from 1.50$) and very nice nail polishes for the same price
I've bought a lot of things from this site,and i suggest it to all my friends    (i have NO affilation with e.l.f.) 

6.Since i recived a new camera i've become a photo-addicted! I just simply love to immortalize every second that will never came back . It's so funny to see how we were and how we have become.
Sometimes looking at a photo makes all your memories  came back and you feel like you are living them again! 
Now i can't get out of my house without taking with me my camera!

7.I've become a little addicted to social netwroks like as Facebook and Twitter.I find it a so good way to always keep in touch with your friends and share moments  of your life and thoughts .
But i'm trying to not overuse them :) 

8.I've been a huge fan of the serie "The Big Bang Theory", i've watched almost all the episodes and i can never get enough! 
They are too funny! The main plot can be summarised in one line: what do you get when you mix 4 scientists  and a nice hot girl that doesn't understand a thing of their world? 

9.I've meet some good friends ,like as my new friend Elisabetta that i hope that will  always be my friend! 
What to say abou it? I just love her! We have so many things in common and she likes to call me her personal beauty guru!hahah  too funny! I would like to thank her for all the times she has helped me and i wish her to go to China! You can make it! (and later you will have to send me a lot of chinese goodies! :P)

10. I'm thankful for all the good things that happened to me and for the bad too because they made me who i am today ! As the famous spanish player Rafael Nadal says: a loss makes victory sweeter! and so i say: bad moments makes good ones better!

Love, Makbule

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  1. Caro tesoro,
    Ti ringrazio davvero tanto per quello che hai scritto. E' vero, con te è stato "amore a prima vista"! Anche se c'è una differenza di età fra me e te (4 anni) ci capiamo veramente subito, e abbiamo moltissimo in comune! Continua così: continua a scrivere così bene, vedrai che andrai veramente molto lontano! :) un bacio cara


  2. Faleminderit per komentin !
    I'm following you too !
    Follow ALBANIA FASHION BLOGGERS too, we've just started:



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